wtorek, 11 października 2016

IT' s possible ! ;)

Chances of success :

0%- I won' t                                                      60%- I might
10%- I can' t                                                     70%- I think I can
20%- I don't know how                                   80%- I can
30%- I wish I could                                          90%-I am
40%- I want to                                               100%- I DID !
50%- I think I might          

poniedziałek, 10 października 2016

Positive thinking

I am strong
because I know my Weaknesses
I am beautiful
because I am aware of my Flaws
I am fearless
because I learnt to recognise; illusion from Real
I am wise
because I learn from my Mistakes
I  am a lover
because I have felt Hate
And I can laugh
because I have known Sadness

just smile ;)